Further information about Drosophila embryos as a model system for
nervous system development:
Also try these sites to find out Why fly? (>>>), how to use flies for research on neurodegeneration and ageing (>>>), or a wider comparison of different organ systems between fly and humans (>>>)
>>> Timeline of neurogenesis in Drosophila
>>> From identified precursors to identified neurons
>>> Where are synapses located in Drosophila?
>>> Characteristic features of embryonic NMJs in Drosophila
>>> Adhesion at the Drosophila NMJ
>>> Ultrastructural features of Drosophila NMJs
>>> Specific antibodies for Drosophila NMJs
>>> Embryonic NMJ development in Drosophila
>>> Mutant phenotypes of Drosophila NMJs
>>> Comparing Drosophila and vertebrate nerve cords
>>> How neurites get positioned in the neuropile
>>> Charting the synaptic area in the Drosophila CNS
>>> Using transplantations to visualise synapses in the Drosophila CNS
>>> Strategies towards central synapses of Drosophila embryos
>>> Synapses in primary cell cultures of Drosophila
>>> Layman's guide: Homology of Drosophila genes
>>> Layman's guide: Screening for 'synaptogenic' genes